Bylaws Amendment Vote

Posted On: November 20, 2021

The board is proposing passing the following amendment:

Any project the board wishes to complete can only spend up to $700,000 in total without the homeowners’ approval. Any project that costs more than $700,000 in total must be put to a vote of all unit owners and would take 75% of ownership to agree.  If the project is to be broken up into stages, the sum of the cost of all stages cannot be more than $700,000 unless the ownership votes to approve the project by 75% affirmative votes. 

No Loan(s) of any amount shall be taken out by the Villages of Woodridge Condo Association for any reason without a vote by the owners and would take 75% of the ownership to agree.

If there is a serious and immediate threat to the structure, integrity, or safety of the units the board can bypass the association-wide voting process and vote amongst itself on a fix for the problem, regardless of cost.  Some examples of emergencies include a building sliding down the hill or a building being unstable and not safely habitable.

Please vote yes (if you approve this addition) or no (if you disapprove of this addition). It is important that everyone votes so we can make the best decision for the association as a whole.

You can cast your vote by emailing Linda Stanko ( or by sending a letter to Linda at 55 West 22nd St suite 310, Lombard, IL 60148 or fax (630-627-0033). Please make sure your name and address is included.

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