Snow Removal 2021/2022 VOW HOA

Posted On: January 24, 2022

To have the snow removed off your driveway properly, please move your vehicle completely off the driveway when you see or hear the snowplow trucks coming, but if that is absolutely not possible, you must move your car as close to the grass on the side of your driveway as you can.  If your driveway is not plowed during the first round due to a car being there, you must move it as quickly as possible so Sebert can plow when they come back for the second visit.

Sebert Landscape crew will be out with a bobcat within a reasonable timeframe after a two-inch accumulation of snow to plow driveways, shovel walks/stairs, and porches. Sebert will not plow if there is 3-4’ of any obstruction including vehicles on either side of the driveway. A return visit the following day will happen, at this time please move cars so Sebert can clean out spots that were not cleared due to parked vehicles.

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